​"All trainers are not the same"

"Positive reinforcement dog training works by always using praise and positive actions or rewards to teach your dog the behaviors you want and never uses physical punishment or correctional actions to teach what you don't want."

At Lucky Dog company, we work with people and their canine partners to build strong positive relationships and good manners.  Socialization exercises, positive reinforcement training, fun innovative classes and relaxed supportive atmosphere help to create the best environment for learning new skills, modifying behavior and perfecting acquired skills.  By using games and positive fun training techniques we help your dog be the best companion they can be! Training should be a life long commitment plus fun and enjoyable for everyone.  Our goal is to help people and their dogs strengthen their relationships, have fun, reach their goals and live the best lives they can!

meet our trainers:

mary baker, CPDT-KA

Mary is the owner/trainer at Lucky Dog Company. She has been working with dogs for over 15 years beginning with the Humane Society of Naples and then starting Lucky Dog Company. Her training philosophy uses innovative games and positive training techniques to establish pathways in your dogs brain to help them make good choices and have the skills to handle everyday life. Helping people and their dogs find joy and build their best life together is why she is a trainer and why she loves her job. She is very passionate about Pet Therapy and has been involved both as an evaluator and therapy team with Pet Partners Inc. for over 9 years. She finds Pet Therapy to be a rewarding and wonderful way to give back to her community. She also volunteers her training services with her local county animal shelter to help volunteers and fosters with the more challenging dogs to find their forever homes.

She lives in Naples, Florida with her husband Ben and their three dogs- Brisco, Elvis and Lucy. 

About US:


Lucky Dog Company trainers use only positive reinforcement to train your dog and you! You've probably heard the term a lot recently in regard to the "new" way to train your dog, but what exactly is positive reinforcement? And how can you be certain that the trainers you choose adhere to this humane, gentle and most SUCCESSFUL way of teaching your beloved companion?

​Positive reinforcement dog training works by always using praise and positive actions or rewards to teach your dog the behaviors you want and never uses physical punishment or correctional actions to teach what you don't want. The key with this type of training is to determine what it is that motivates your dog, and this is where we can help, and use that motivator as a reward upon correct performance ignoring incorrect performance.

In positive reinforcement dog training we teach you how to use treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of these, we'll help you figure out your dogs "motivator" and show you the correct timing to reward your dog for good behavior. Any behaviors you don't want are taught by removing your dog's "motivator" never by using pain, fear or yelling. Your dog will WANT to please you and will LOVE you for it. It's simple, gentle and most importantly it works! Lucky Dog Company clients see this time and again which is why so many of them stay with us and our training programs. Consistency and practice are key too, which is why we keep our classes small 3-6 dogs per class so we can give you and your dog individual attention answering any questions you may have and helping you to create a life long learning relationship with your canine partner.

​All trainers are not the same and although some trainers advocate that they use only positive reinforcement they do still suggest prong collars, choke chains and even shock collars for use on your dog! These trainers are NOT Purely Positive. Before you decide on a trainer please ask a few simple questions.

1. Are they positive reinforcement trainers? What is their understanding of positive reinforcement?

​2. Do they advocate the use of any of the following, prong, choke, shock collars? Squirting water into a dogs face? Using any type of force or aggression to make a dog do something?

3. Do they have more than 6 dogs to one trainer in any class?

​If the answer to any of these is YES then please take yourself and you best canine buddy somewhere else to train.

Sincerely-                                                                                                                       Mary Baker                                                                                                             Lucky Dog Company

Positive training:

what is it & why is it important

Absolute Dogs Certified Pro Dog Trainer

Fear Free Professional


AKC CGC, CGCA, Urban Canine Evaluator

​Pet Partners Team Evaluator

Certified Trick Dog Instructor         

Member of:          
Pet Professional Guild                 
AKC Canine Partner

Why Small Classes?

Because we care!

"Any behaviors you don't want are taught by removing your dog's "motivator" never by using pain, fear or yelling."




Positively  Good Dog Training



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Naples, FL  34104

Our classes usually have 3-6 dogs per class.  We believe this adds to the value of our classes for the following reasons: ​

More individualized attention from the trainers.  Owners and dogs don't get over looked. Ability to work on specific problems.

Lower stress levels for owners and dogs. Relaxed setting allows more learning to happen for both people and dogs.

More time to work on specific skills and run through routines.

More intimate atmosphere lets owners and dogs get to know each other and create friendships outside of class. 

​Get to know your trainers and develop a good relationship with them.

Lucky Dog Company believes in positive training. We strive to create a truly relaxed and happy atmosphere for dogs & people. This is where learning happens and fantastic relationships are built. 

We also offer private home and studio sessions. If you are interested in private sessions please email us: myluckydog@theluckydogco.com. 

Sincerely, ​

Mary Baker

​Lucky Dog Company


Harley loves Miss Mary and wants to thank her for teaching his mommy how to walk on a leash with him. She's so much more relaxed on our walks now so she's more fun to be with! Best investment we could have made!

- Jerri

My dog Cooper is very happy going to see Miss Mary for training. She is guiding us through puppyness, and we are looking forward to going to more classes to further our training for Mr. Cooper.

- Laura

I love love Mary. She is kind and very knowledgable. My dog has made huge strides in 4 weeks. She explains what training is all about and guides you to get the best results from your dog. Is not just dog training is owner training as well.

​- Luz

Your dog really is lucky if they come to The Lucky Dog Company! Mary is the most natural, instinctive trainer who doesn't just follow a general concept but looks & understands each dog individually. Balou cannot wait to get to 'school' & never wants to leave. We are so sad that soon we have to leave Naples for a couple of months & can't wait to come back to do more classes. We want to work our way through them all!

- Elisabeth